Total Solution Services


Total Solution Services

Okuno-Auromex is best known for providing highest quality, world-class chemical products for surface finishing across a range of industries.

However, we go much further than simply providing chemicals and related products and equipment. We focus on providing pre and after-sales services that are fast, responsive, proactive and efficient.

Our philosophy is to provide a complete end-to-end service for our clients, and this is encapsulated in our motto: “Ensure Total Solutions”.

When we talk about a total solution, we include:

  • Highest quality chemicals and equipment for all surface-finishing procedures
  • Consultancy on the design of plating processes, plating lines, equipment systems and wastewater treatment
  • Wide-ranging pre-sales advice and technical support
  • After sales support that includes specialist laboratory services
  • Major investments in research and development to deliver outstanding new products and innovations
  • Knowledge transfer through training and education to help customers optimize the operation and maintenance of their plating lines
  • Information on the latest technology and industry developments to help you take advantage of the latest innovations.
  • Quality support – helping maintain and improve standards
  • Environmentally-friendly products and approaches
  • People who are committed to your success, highly trained, experts in their field and equipped to make a powerful impact on your operations.

Total Solutions in Action

In the past, our traditional customer might have bought their chemicals from one supplier, their equipment from another, their waste water system from a third, and perhaps their controls systems from yet another supplier. The customer would then be faced with the task of integrating these systems and supplies, ensuring that they worked together as anticipated and produced high-quality, reliable products.

We know from experience that in the past many of our clients might have taken four or five years to get such a production environment up and running successfully. Even then, they might have experienced a rate of defects in the region of 20% to 30%.

In this day and age, such time scales are unacceptable. Technology and business are moving too fast. Those rates of defects could also threaten the viability of a project and the company’s reputation for reliability and quality.

In today’s world you need to be able to setup your production line rapidly, know it will all work as expected – and when you push the button to start it up, you need to know it will produce quality products from the outset with minimal wastage.

How can you achieve that?

That is where our total solutions approach comes in. We have invested in expertise and software that enables us to help you to design and implement a production line not in two to three years but in two to three months – or even weeks. And you can start production with rates of defects as low as 5%.

We know we can do this, because we have done it already for existing clients.

Okuno Auromex Preliminary service

Preliminary service

Our pre-sales service helps you to rapidly implement new product lines knowing that the various components of the system will work together as intended. The service includes:

  Design of plating and other surface finishing processes

  Recommendation of products of solutions

  Consultancy related to production line design and equipment

  Technical support in areas

Okuno Auromex After-sales service

After-sales service

Our after-sales service helps to ensure you maximize productivity, minimize downtime and ensure high-quality products at every stage. It includes:

  Analyzing chemical solutions and offering troubleshooting assistance

  Providing consultancy and troubleshooting at your workplace

  Technical training courses for your staff

  Auditing production lines for preventive maintenance and process improvement

Investing in our facilities and our people

To ensure we deliver on our promise of total solutions we have made significant investments in our facilities, laboratories and in our people. In recent years, we have invested in laboratory equipment and testing instruments to enhance our service capability. We have also invested a significant amount of money in the production facilities to double our capacity and increase quality. We have been updating, preparing and educating our people to cope with ever-more sophisticated and complex technologies and business environments. In particular, we have provided extensive training on the use of analysis instruments. A focus on “quality people” is a key concept in our company. Our core values, embraced by all our employees, consist of seven key attributes encapsulated in the acronym RECIPES:


  Empathy & Sharing

  Customer Focus



  Ethics & Integrity


Knowledge Transfer

We are committed to sharing knowledge and expertise with our clients to help you get the most from the chemicals and equipment we provide.

This commitment includes:

  Training courses related to multiple plating procedures and equipment

  Training courses on the application and maintenance of plating wells and chemistry

  Troubleshooting courses related to plating procedures

  Information sharing on new technology and products

  Training courses related to solution analysis in the laboratory.