Okuno Auromex Glass Treatment Technology



We provide a team of experienced engineers and mechanics who offer consultancy, service and design

With our well thought out and proven production system designing management and improvement, Okuno-Auromex and our specific partner from different fields developed OPTIMA ™, a total system that can assure that your investment will be put into full use with highest yield, maximum gain, shortest payback period and highest return on investment due to short ramp up time.

Besides, the following benefits can be gained: Fast mass production start-up with guaranteed quality of the output and lower running cost in the long term basis.

It is truly one total solution service we provide to customers who are interested in start the plating production line from the green field without basic knowledge or experience in the surface finishing industry.

With our experience, we are confident that the final quality of the output will be gained only from the combination of integration of certain essential elements, including:

  • Chemical selection and process design
  • Preventive design
  • Equipment design and material selection
  • Automation system
  • Utilities
  • Pollution control
  • Jigs and tooling
  • Process monitoring and controls.

Maintainability, operability, and efficiency of the production facility are also taken into our calculation.

The professional practices of project planning and management are as well the key areas that support the delivery of our project to be in a timely manner.

Optima™ is an answer that can provide customers with solutions toward the required result they want.


Our production systems always start from design-build projects that is the method in which the project delivery involved from the early phase of design stage, to the fabrication, installation, as well as commissioning processes.

Design-Build can reduce total project cost and schedule. It also result in better project quality if clients select the right design-build team that understands the importance of both good design, which creates systems with high constructability, operability, maintainability and reliability, and cost control, which assures budget and schedule control. Skilled project management team is essential.

Contractors often focus on constructability and cost control only. Some contractors deliberately bid projects low to win and work to earn profits through high cost change orders. We understands how to manage the tension between great design and cost/schedule control and can deliver process systems as well as tooling. We also team up with proven and experienced suppliers in the surface finishing field to our design-build projects.

Design-Build projects still require a well-defined basis of design and project requirements. Effective design-build project delivery follows process planning, project feasibility studies, and conceptual and preliminary engineering and design.

Preliminary engineering can often be limited in scope if the conceptual engineering and design is complete; however, clients should be aware that, when they are seeking competitive bids for design-build projects, less detail will mean more variation in the offers received from bidders.

In general, the design-build project will include chemical process design and the plating facility which ranged from manually operated to fully automated control and hoists including overhead, rail riders, and side arms. We believe that chemical process plays a critical role in determining the outcomes of the system. Thus, each process step shall be carefully selected.

We provide broad services to various plating processes, based on our experience and technical expertise as follows.

  • Pretreatment & Industrial cleaning
  • Decorative Copper Nickel chrome on Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals, such as Zinc, Brass, Aluminum, and Magnesium
  • Plating on Plastic process
  • Zinc, Zinc Alloys plating and Post treatments
  • Electroless Nickel Plating
  • Hard chrome and Chromium Plating
  • Aluminium treatments, Anodising and Colour dye