Gold Plating


Gold Plating

Okuno-Auromex has greater than forty years’ experience in Decorative Precious Metal Coating (DPM) since the first time as surface finishing supplier, and offers an extensive range of decorative precious products uniquely tailored to specific applications.

Gold is used extensively for decorative applications, and Okuno-Auromex offers a broad range of gold electroplating processes for jewelry and fashion finishes such as earrings, brooches, pendants, pins, bracelets, spectacle frames, watch cases and other luxurious wares.

The product line includes pure gold plating, hard gold plating and gold alloys plating.

The table below provides additional product information:



Auromex HT-16

Slightly alkaline alloy gold electroplating. Produce 16 Karat, extremely hard and fully bright deposit with a uniform color that meet the
Swiss Standard NIHS 4N.

Auromex HT-18

Slight alkaline gold-copper electroplating. Produce 16-18 Karat, reasonable hard and fully bright deposit with a uniform pink color

Decomex C12

Nickel-free acid hard gold electroplating. Produce 21.5-22 Karat, extremely hard and mirror bright deposit with a uniform pale yellow

Decomex NT240

High speed acid gold electroplating. Produce 24 Karat with a uniform rich yellow color.

Orox NC-10

Non-cyanide gold electroplating. Produce a gold-like or rose gold-like appearance.