Electroforming Chemicals



Okuno-Auromex has greater than forty years’ experience in Decorative Precious Metal Coating (DPM) since the first time as surface finishing supplier, and offers an extensive range of decorative precious products uniquely tailored to specific applications.

Okuno-Auromex offers a full range of Electroforming Chemicals for the deposition of copper, and 24K and 18K gold for jewelry and consumer items.

Electroforming is a preferred process to conventional techniques such as pressing and stamping, as the later require a higher thickness of metal, and process tools are significantly more expensive.

Electroforming allows for thinner, finer and more complicated shapes providing a more elegant and light items, while reducing costs.

The table below provides additional product information:



Cupomex EF

Acid copper electroforming process. Designed for fine, highly ductile and low internal stress. Provide good throwing and covering power,
and uniform distribution.

Decormex EF 99

Gold electroforming process. Can produce 18 or 24 Karat with attractive appearance.