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Copper Alloy Plating

Okuno-Auromex has greater than forty years’ experience in Decorative Precious Metal Coating (DPM) since the first time as surface finishing supplier, and offers an extensive range of decorative precious products uniquely tailored to specific applications.

Copper is a metal which has high thermal conductivity, electro conductivity and excellent ductility. As the decoration purpose, copper is plated on the top layer to give the excellent brightness and improve surface’s properties.

Okuno-Auromex’s copper plating processes are advantageous to many applications either decorative or industrial such as wire plating contacts, jewelry, gift items and electroforming applications.

Our processes include acid copper electroforming bath and copper pyrophosphate bath and tin copper alloys bath. They provide a wide range of colors covering from bright reddish tone to brilliant white tone.



Pyro RP-651

Copper pyrophosphate plating. Produce fully bright and glossy appearance. Can be operated at low consumption at a wide range of current

Mirobrite SNC

High speed tin-copper alloy plating. Produce reasonable hard and bright deposit with a uniform bronzeappearance. Can be plated as
undercoating before gold plating or plated as final finishing.

Mirobrite SNW

New alkaline tin-copper alloy plating. Produce hard, ductile and fine grained with brilliant white appearance. Can be plated as
undercoating before rhodium or palladium-nickel plating or plated as final finishing.