Plumbing Fixture and Building

We have been supplying chemicals and equipment for the plating of plumbing fixtures and building for more than twenty years.

Okuno-Auromex has been supplying chemicals and equipment for the plating of plumbing fixtures and building for more than twenty years. We are currently the market leader in our geographic markets for the supply of decorative plating for the sanitary and furniture building industries.
We deeply understand the processes used by manufacturers of plumbing fixtures and building as well as the challenges they face and the regulations they must meet.

Our solutions deliver fewer defects, less downtime, higher yields and consequently improved productivity. This means that the total cost of using our high quality, stable and reliable solutions is lower than competing offerings, when you take account of all costs, including chemicals, labor, energy, scrap, materials and wastewater treatment.

The products we provide include a series of proprietary chemicals used in industrial cleaning, decorative plating and for plating on plastics.

In addition to the chemicals, we also provide equipment for these processes, as well as a wide range of technical, lab and support services.
These help our customers to improve their processes, control costs, maintain quality and quickly solve any issues to keep their production lines running.

The appearance of the finished product is hugely important within the sanitary ware sector. The goods need to beautiful – shining, glossy and clear.

The products also need to provide exceptional levels of corrosion resistance as they are used in wet and salty environments. Industrial specifications are rigorous.

In brass faucets manufacturing, our process can remove lead, zinc and cadmium on the surface by using specific complete pretreatment process. This meets the international regulations such as TIS 2062-2552 which require the removal of all lead on the surface of brass faucets have created additional challenges for manufacturers.

Our products, co-developed with our partner Kiesow Dr. Brinkmann in Germany, delivers one of the few solutions available which can actually surpass the tough new criteria. The combination of our preliminary services, helping you design the processes and the equipment, combined with these innovative products will help overcome these challenges.

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