Zinc Nickel Plating


Zinc Nickel

Plating Process

Zinc plating is usually deposited onto ferrous substrates to provide effective, powerful and beautiful corrosion resistance coating that improve the appearance of finished products.

Zinc Nickel Plating

Okuno-Auromex’s zinc nickel plating delivers exceptional corrosion resistance. The nickel content provides the superior corrosion resistance of the deposit. It is about five times more effective than conventional zinc plating. Our zinc nickel alloy deposits are created using alkaline plating solutions.This process guarantees over 1,000 hours of salt spray resistance without red rust.

By a columnar structure deposition, “NICOZINC HN” provides a highly uniform alloy deposited within short time. This promote outstanding ductility in applications where the part is to be crimped or bent such as radiator tubing. It is a good choice for complicated parts that might trap the solution. Furthermore, high nickel contented allows articles meet highest corrosion protection and improve coating performance.



Nicozinc HN

Alkaline brighteners with high nickel content for both rack and barrel application. Provide excellent corrosion resistance and outstanding
thickness distribution.