Zinc Iron Passivation


Zinc iron passivation

Plating Process

Zinc plating is usually deposited onto ferrous substrates to provide effective, powerful and beautiful corrosion resistance coating that improve the appearance of finished products.

Zinc Iron Passivation

Okuno-Auromex’s zinc iron passivation has continuously been developed to fulfill OEM’s requirement. “TRI BL” series, our previous technology, are always ready to serve automotive industry for every shade from blue to iridescent and black passivation.

For supporting the green technology, Okuno-Auromex offers cobalt-free passivation as “TRI BL 270 KCF”.




Black Passivation

Tri-Kuromex ADK

● Tri-BL 130 KX

● Tri-BL 500 KX

● Tri-BL 270 KCF

Additive of black passivation. Can be applied with Tri-BL series to give uniform black deposit, enhance surface properties and improve corrosion resistance.

Iridescent & Blue Passivation

Tri-BL 130 KX

Two in one passivation that meet the standard of the automotive industry. Easy to handle and control waste treatment, and have extremely high bath life.

Tri-BL 270 KCF

Cobalt-free passivation for a highly economical production process due to single-component system with the low additive concentration.

Transparent Passivation

Tri-BL 500 KX

Single component passivation developed specifically for high corrosion protection of zinc alloys as well as for a highly economical production process. Give original tone of material and provide high corrosion resistance.