okuno auromex wear resistance coating


Hard Chrome

Plating Processes

Okuno-Auromex supplies fluoride-free hard chrome processes for applications in harsh mechanical and corrosive environments that require reduced friction load, and demand long term wear resistance.

Furthermore, the fluoride-free electrolyte is friendly for plated parts. Hard chrome plating is typically used in the automotive sector for shock absorbers, in printing rollers for the rotogravure industry, and for high performance leisure items such as golf clubs among many other applications. Hard chrome is typically thicker than decorative chrome deposits, and is utilized where decorative appearance is either not needed or is a secondary consideration.

The table below provides additional product information.

Chemical Feature
Saphir 40 Fluoride-free brightener. Provide the micro
cracked at 200-500 cracks/cm and givemore than HV- 900.
TOP Hard Chrome HE-2 Fluoride-free additive for hard chromium
plating. Improve current efficiency to offer uniform brightness appearance.