okuno auromex wear resistance coating


Wear Resistance


Electroless Nickel and Electroplated Hard Chrome are “engineering coatings” typically classified as Wear Resistant Coatings; however, it must be recognized that both these surface finishes also provide good corrosion resistance and aesthetically desired decorative surfaces.

Electroless Nickel is widely used in automotive, aerospace, military, electronics, plumbing and building hardware, petroleum and chemical industries among other applications. Hard Chrome also described as “Industrial Chrome” provides high hardness and a reduced coefficient of friction surface excellent for high wear applications. It enhances durability through abrasion, erosion and impact tolerance improving wear resistance and minimizing galling for metal-on-metal contacts. It also provides significant chemical inertness and corrosion resistance. Thus, Hard Chrome is the finish of choice for a variety of industrial applications such as: hydraulic piston rods, piston rings and valves, printer wear roll surfaces, auto engine drive train and suspension parts, brake discs, motor shafts and aircraft landing gears among many other applications.

Okuno-Auromex has considerable experience in the application of Electroless Nickel and Hard Chrome. Careful consideration of factors such as appearance, thickness, adhesion, hardness, porosity, and composition are required to meet both performance and environmental standards. Please call us to discuss your application and production needs.

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