Direct Plating on Plastics


Direct Plating on Plastics


Plating on Plastics (POP) is the technology associated with metallizing a plastic substrate for decorative and functional applications.

Direct Plating on Plastics

Direct Plating on Plastics (POP) processes are characterized as relatively more environmental friendly due to the reduction in the number of process steps which results in lower chemical usage and lower waste. Direct Plating on plastics (POP) are capable of delivering high yields with few defects; however, the process requires more rigorous control to maintain optimum performance, and the equipment may require customization.

Direct Plating on Plastics (POP) can be used on ABS and PC/ABS substrates used primarily in automotive and plumbing fixtures.
CRP or chemical reduction process is a proprietary brand of Direct Plating on Plastics (POP) created by Okuno Chemicals. CRP employs acid copper plating directly on the activated and modified – relatively conductive – plastic substrate without the need for a conventional electroless Ni or Cu process.

Okuno-Auromex Full Line CRP Processes are found in the Table below:





CRP Cleaner

Non-silicate type low foam cleaner. Can remove oil, fingerprints and dirt stuck on resin surface.

Surface Conditioning

TOP Placon BOW

Fluoride type air pocket preventing agent with PFOS-free. Contain surface active agent that provide smooth plating without blister

TOP Placon GR

Air pocket preventing agent with fluoride-free. Excellently remove accumulated air on plastics surface, provide hydrophilicity and improve
good plating adhesion.


CRP Etching Additive

Additive for chromic – sulfuric etching bath. Provide effective deposition of catalyst.


B200 Neutralizer

Conditioner for PP, Noryl and Poly Carbonate. Improve catalyzing adsorption and enhance smooth deposition in electroless nickel process.

CRP Conditioner 222

Conditioner for CRP Process. Improve adsorption effect of catalyst to resin surface and enhance uniform deposition.

CRP Conditioner 551

Conditioner for CRP Process. Improve adsorption effect of catalyst to resin surface. Suitable for PC/ABS and noryl resin.

Pre Dipping

Hydrochloric Acid


CRP Catalyst 85H

Acid base Pd/Sn colloid type catalyst. Provide great adsorption ability of catalyst. Provide good bath stability with long period of


CRP Selector

Conducting agent for CRP Process. Applied on catalyzed plastic surface to form electro-conductive film.

Acid Copper Plating

Elecopper 25

Brightener for decorative application. Can be applied on plastics and steel at high bath temperature.

TOP Lucina 2000

Brightener for decorative application. Provide excellent brightness, leveling and quick brightening effects on plastics and steel. Can be
operated at room temperature.

TOP Dunc Cu

New brightener for acid copper bath. Developed to improve sludge generation and pitting defect on article’s surface when air flow rate is