Conventional Plating on Plastics


Conventional Plating on Plastics Processes

Plating on Plastics (POP) is the technology associated with metallizing a plastic substrate for decorative and functional applications.

Conventional Plating on Plastics

Conventional plating on plastics (POP) remains widely used in the automotive, plumbing fixtures and buildings, and hardware industries. It is a cost effective technology competitive with various alternatives such as: Direct Plate or Chemical Reduction Processes. It can also be used on a wider range of plastic types, including ABS plastics, PC/ABS and Nylon resin among others which extends its applicability to various industries.

Okuno-Auromex processes are available for a variety of applications and can be customized to various equipment configurations. The processes are known to be stable and reliable delivering very competitive Cost of Ownership for our customers. Recent developments focus on reducing overall chemical consumption especially in Palladium and Electroless Nickel processes.

Okuno-Auromex’s full line of processes for conventional plating on plastics (POP) are found in the link below:





Ace Clean A 220

Low foam type cleaner for soft metal and plastics. Can remove oils and heavy dirt in the short period without silica film generation.

Surface Conditioning

TOP Placon BOW

Fluoride type air pocket preventing agent with PFOS-free. Contain surface active agent that provide smooth plating without blister

TOP Placon GR

Air pocket preventing agent with fluoride-free.Excellently remove accumulated air on plastics surface, provide hydrophilicity and improve
good plating adhesion.


Chromic acid, Sulfuric acid


Additive for TMP Neutralizer

Post treatment agent. Remove chromic acid on resin surface after etching. Can be applied to many kinds of plastics, such as, ABS, PP and

B200 Neutralizer

Conditioner for PP, Noryl and Poly Carbonate. Improve catalyzing adsorption and enhance smooth deposition in electroless nickel process.


Catalyst HI CONC

Extremely high concentration catalyzing agent. Provide bath stability during operation.

Catalyst C-7

Low concentration catalyzing agent. Provide long bath life because of low dragging out of palladium.

Catalyst C-10

High concentration catalyzing agent. Developed for plastics having poor deposition effect in electroless nickel plating.


Accelerator KN

Additive for sulfuric acid. Prevent non-deposition of electroless nickel plating and suppress stardust formation in electrolytic plating.

Electroless Nickel

TMP Chemical Ni

Electroless nickel solution for plating on plastics process. Provide fast deposition rate without stardust formation.

Copper Substitution

ANC Acti

Copper substitution agent for plastic plating. Provide good conductive and adhesive copper film on electroless nickel layer.

Acid Copper Plating

Elecopper 25

Brightener for decorative application. Can be applied on plastics and steel at high bath temperature.

TOP Lucina 2000

Brightener for decorative application. Provide excellent brightness, leveling and quick brightening effects on plastics and steel. Can be
operated at room temperature.

TOP Dunc Cu

New brightener for acid copper bath. Developed to improve sludge generation and pitting defect on article’s surface when air flow rate is