Industrial Cleaner


Right surface preparation contributes to successful production

Effective pretreatment of surfaces is essential to the success of any surface finishing operation.

Thus, selecting the “appropriate” pretreatment technology which is compatible with subsequent finishing operations is critical when establishing a high-quality production process.

At Okuno-Auromex, our more than forty years’ experience supported by extensive technical expertise and world-class facilities assist our clients in choosing the most effective pretreatment technology that meets their needs.

We supply a wide range of cost-effective ‘liquid and solid” cleaners for industrial applications such as: general electroplating, anodizing, plating on plastics and PCBs. These include electrolytic/ultrasonic cleaning, pickling and activating processes for a variety of metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

Our “stripping” technology utilized for cleaning parts and plating jigs is complementary to our cleaners and activators technology packages.

Furthermore, the ability to meet environmental regulations and reduce waste treatment cost are critical to any successful production operation. Okuno-Auromex “green initiatives” delivers environmental friendly products such as: phosphate and borate free cleaners, non-surfactant pickling agents and activators, and part-friendly strippers that will meet your environmental needs.

Finally, Okuno-Auromex “Ensure Total Solutions” initiatives provide services to assist our customers in designing the highest quality – lowest cost of ownership solution to meet their needs.

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