Nickel Plating Processes


Nickel Plating Processes

Okuno-Auromex provides nickel plating processes for a variety of applications

Nickel Plating Processes

Nickel plating is used extensively for decorative applications to provide aesthetic appeal and functionality to the plated item. Nickel layers are intended to deposit full bright, semi-bright and corrosion resistant multi-layers to enhance appearance and corrosion resistance. Nickel also acts as an excellent diffusion barrier inhibiting the diffusion of copper into the upper layers of any decorative finish.

Okuno-Auromex provides nickel plating processes for a variety of applications such as:

  • Bright Nickel Plating
  • Semi-Bright Nickel Plating
  • Tri-Nickel Plating
  • Micro-porous Nickel Plating

Bright Nickel Plating

Bright nickel chemistries provide smooth, highly lustrous coatings achieved through the use of suitable addition agents in the plating solutions. Control of levelling, stress and defects can also be achieved through the proper selection of additives and plating conditions. Control and maintenance of these additives is critical to optimizing the process.

Semi-Bright Nickel Plating

Semi-bright nickel deposits provide a high purity (no sulfur) nickel layer designed to significantly improve the corrosion resistance of electroplated nickel-chromium stacked deposits. The “stacking” of various nickel layers to achieve superior decorative and corrosion resistance is termed duplex nickel plating.

Tri-Nickel Plating

The technology of duplex nickel plating is further enhanced by stacking triple layers of nickel where a thin high sulfur nickel layer is “sandwiched” between semi-bright and bright nickel layers. The high sulfur nickel layer is corroded sacrificially and corrosion is stopped at the bright nickel layer.

Micro-porous Nickel Plating

Micro-porous nickel plating deposits enhance the corrosion behavior of the nickel-chrome “stack” by depositing a thin nickel layer with a specific amount of non-conductive particles resulting in a micro-porous chrome plate that with greater corrosion resistance.

The table below provides additional product information on nickel plating processes.




Semi Bright Nickel Plating

Pre Orion

Formalin-free and low-sulfur brightener. Provide excellent leveling power and ductile deposits as well as good adhesion. Can be applied
with Orion 4000 to produce duplex nickel layer.

Acna Neo

Coumarin and formalin-free brightener. Provide uniform and ductile nickel film that improve brightness, covering power and high corrosion

Acna SGL

Coumarin-free brightener. Easy to operate due to one component. Provide excellent brightness and leveling power.

Bright Nickel Plating

Orion 3000+

Produce high brilliant and well levelled nickel deposited. Can be applied for rack plating. Suitable for plastics or soft materials.

Orion 4000

Produce excellent brilliant and high levelled nickel deposited. Can be applied for rack plating. Suitable for plastics and metal


Produce high brilliant and well levelled nickel deposited. Well suited for both rack and barrel plating applied for either in manual or
automatic operations.

Acna B-35

Provide uniform blackish bright nickel appearance. Easy to operate in wide temperature range and stand for impurities.

Tri Nickel Plating


Alternative for better property of nickel layer. Can be applied between semi-bright nickel and bright nickel plating to provide excellent
corrosion resistance of multilayer nickel film.

Micro-porous Nickel Plating

SMPC Seal Nickel

Provide single powder dispersion to form micro-porous plating that offers excellent corrosion resistance and is easy to operate.

Seal Nickel HCR-K

Provide co-dispersion both powder and aqueous to form micro-porous plating that offers superior corrosion resistance.

Satin Nickel Plating

Merkur C

Provide uniform deposition from the dispersive system to make the low-glare coating on the substrate.

Black Nickel Plating


Standard solution for black nickel applications. Provide uniform black nickel plating film. Can be applied with rack, barrel or basket
plating bath.

Black Nickel

Best choice for indoor applications that require black appearance. Provide deep black surfaces on nickel layers. Can be applied with rack
and barrel application.