Copper Plating


Copper Plating


Okuno-Auromex offers a number of acid and alkaline copper plating process for metal and plastics substrates

Copper Plating

Copper plating often applied as relatively thick undercoat serves a number of purposes. The copper layer provides “levelling” resulting in the suppression of substrate defects and providing a smooth, bright uniform underlayer for subsequent nickel/chrome deposition. It provides a relatively ductile layer which is essential in thermal cycling allowing “forgiveness” for the CTE mismatch between various metal layers and/or between plastic substrates and metal overlayers.

The copper layer is also a diffusion barrier especially when deposited on die-cast zinc alloys to inhibit inter-diffusion of metals and thus maintain the integrity of the system, and is an “anchor” that promotes adhesion on certain difficult-to-plate metals and plating on plastics.

Okuno-Auromex offers a number of acid and alkaline copper plating process for metal and plastics substrates as shown in the table below.




Alkaline cyanide copper plating


Potassium type brightener. Has one component that is easy to operate. Provide excellent throwing and covering power.

New Rare

Sodium / Potassium type brightener. Can be operated at high current density to provide excellent leveling power.

Acid copper plating

Elecopper 25

Brightener for decorative application. Can be applied on plastics and steel at high bath temperature.

TOP Lunica 2000

Brightener for decorative application. Provide excellent brightness, leveling and quick brightening effects on plastics and steel. Can be
operated at room temperature.

TOP Dunc Cu

New brightener for acid copper bath. Developed to improve sludge generation and pitting defect on article’s surface when air flow rate is

Copper Substitution

ANC Acti

Copper substitution agent for plastic plating. Provide good conductive and adhesive copper film on electroless nickel layer.

Pyrophosphate copper plating

Pyro Top PC

Weak alkaline brightener. Provide excellent leveling and throwing power, ductility and brightness.