Electrophoretic Coatings


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Electrophoretic Coatings

Electrophoretic coatings are applied by either anodic or cathodic electrolytic process similar to electroplating.

Electrophoretic Coatings

Electrophoretic coatings applied to electroplated finishes enhance corrosion and wear resistance properties. They can also be applied directly over polished brass, copper or gold substrates to enhance hydrostatic resistance, corrosion and wear resistance, and extend the useful lifetime of a decorative item.

This process is widely applied on automotive, plumbing fixture, jewelry, fashion finishes and hardware.

Okuno-Auromex offers CLEARCLAD series – a number of UV resistant polyurethane resin electrophoretic coatings to enhance tarnish resistance.




Lacquer Coating

Clearclad LC408

A polyurethane electro-lacquer system. Provide the best combination of decorative and performance properties. Suitable for high-grade
applications, such as, spectacle frames, jewelry, fashion hardware and pluming fixture.


Clearclad Dye series

Provide a wide range of color effects on polished aluminum, zinc based metal, silver, nickel and chromium electroplate, such as, gold,
brass, bronze effects and etc.