Acid Copper Plating


Acid Copper

for PCBs

Okuno-Auromex has been an innovator providing leading edge, and environmentally acceptable technology to the PCB industry.

Acid Copper Plating

Copper plating is widely used in manufacturing of electronic devices, printed circuit boards and semiconductors.

In PCBs, copper is electroplated over selected sections of the board surface and the walls of through holes and blind vias providing a conductive interconnection from the surfaces of the board with the inner layers. This allows the interconnection of various electronic components that will populate the board.

The copper, conductive pathway, must possess various properties in order to function properly. Among these properties are: conductivity (uniform plating thickness), ductility, stress etc.

Okuno-Auromex offers a full line of acid copper metallization technology including surface cleaning, acid copper plating, and anti-tarnish treatment. This process is applicable for PTH and via-filling plating, and

panel plating. TOP Lucina Technologies are ideally suited for acid copper plating in vertical plating equipment because they provide high deposition rate with excellent plating thickness uniformity,

and smooth defect-free deposits. The processes can be analyzed via standard CVS analytical methods.

For additional product information, see table below:

Acid Copper Plating Technology for Through-Hole Plating



TOP Lucina LS

Provide low internal stress deposition. Suitable for flexible boards or others which concerns about the dimension.

TOP Lucina SF

Excellent for flexible board. Offer uniform deposition without internal stress and provide excellent throwing power.

Acid Copper Plating Technology for Via Filling

Microvias in PCBs facilitate the need for higher density boards with surface mount devices. This trend will continue to accelerate as electronic devices become smaller and more complex.

To meet these demands, Okuno-Auromex developed the TOP Lucina series of acid copper products that provide bright, smooth, defect-free copper deposits. The excellent throwing power provides uniformity and improved thickness distribution at optimum current density.

The table below provides additional information for specific products”



TOP Lucina BVF

Additive for exclusively via-filling plating.Excellent for via holes containing large diameter.

TOP Lucina α

Additive for via-filling plating and pattern plating. Has excellent platable effect that eliminate the void effect. Suitable for via holes
30 – 130 Micron.

TOP Lucina FA

Additive for via-filling plating using insoluble anode.

TOP Lucina HV

Provide great covering power in wide current density and give excellent thermal shock resistance.

TOP Lucina HT

Provide excellent throwing power in wide range of current density. Excellent for via holes containing small diameter. Give fine and
brilliant appearance.

Cleaning and Anti-Tarnishing Additive





DP-333 Clean

Low foam type acidic cleaner. Provide excellent removal effects of organic and inorganic stains, such as fingerprints, oils, rust and other

OPC-180 Cleaner

Strong alkaline cleaner for rack plating process. Excellently remove dirt.

Anti Tarnishing

TOP Rinse Cu-5

Benzotriazole type tarnishing agent. Provide excellent color tarnish without attacking copper base. Give low formation of white powdery
appearance or stain spots.