Aluminum Pretreatment

Right surface preparation contributes to successful production

Aluminum Pretreatment

Aluminum is a widely used substrate material which in many situations must be plated with various metals to enhance specific properties such as corrosion resistance. Aluminum by its nature is a highly reactive metal which forms relatively stable oxides on exposure to the environment. Thus aluminum requires “activation” and special preparation in order to render its surface “clean” and “stable” for any subsequent plating operations.

Okuno-Auromex has a long history and significant experience in aluminum pretreatment and aluminum alloys pretreatment. Our aluminum’s surface cleaners include silicate-free soak cleaners, alkaline etching solutions, polishing and desmutting agents as shown in the tables below. Our cyanide-free zincating technology provide excellent deposit uniformity and adhesion in preparation of the article’s surface for subsequent processing.

Soak Cleaners



TOP Alclean 101

Weak alkaline soak cleaner with silicate-free. Has excellent cleaning power against various oils or dirts without base attack.

TOP Alclean 161

Low foam type weak alkaline soak cleaner with silicate-free. Can be applied with air agitation and shower treatment.


Soak cleaner especially for cast aluminum, die cast aluminum and high silicate type aluminum alloys Can remove cutting oil and mold
lubricant in a short time.

Etching Agents



Alsatin SK

Soft etching agent for aluminum. Provide uniform finishing on surface and excellently prevent formation of sludge and clinker that maintain
long bath life.

TOP Alsoft 108

Low foam type soft etching agent for aluminum and aluminum alloys. Improve working environment due to low mist generation.

Polishing Agent



Algloss S-200

Powder type polishing agent for aluminum and aluminum alloys. Improve brightness and suppress NOx gas formation.

Desmutting Agents




Smut removing agent for cast aluminum, die cast aluminum and high silicate type aluminum alloys. Can remove smut in short time without
roughening of surface.

TOP Desmut N-20

Smut removing agent for aluminum and aluminum alloys that contain low silicate. Completely remove smut on surface without base attack and
provide longer bath life than conventional sulfuric-nitric bath.

Zincating Agents



Substar ZN-8

Economical cyanide-free zincating agent for aluminum and aluminum alloys. Provide adhesive film that improve excellent appearance.

Substar ZN-111

Cyanide-free zincating agent especially for aluminum alloys such as Al-Cu alloys, Al-Mg alloys and Al-Zn alloys. Provide uniform thin film
on substrate.

Substar ZN-291

Cyanide-free zincating agent for aluminum and aluminum alloys. Can be applied with electrolytic system to provide uniform adhesive ternary
alloy film on substrate.