Zinc Iron Plating


Alkaline Zinc Iron Plating


Zinc plating is usually deposited onto ferrous substrates to provide effective, powerful and beautiful corrosion resistance coating that improve the appearance of finished products.

Zinc Iron Plating

Zinc iron plating provides higher corrosion resistance than conventional zinc plating processes. It is also easier to weld, paint, and form into complex shapes.

The process is also highly cost-effective compared to comparable alloy plating techniques. It is suitable for any iron material that requires higher corrosion resistance.

Okuno-Auromex delivers the brightener for alkaline zinc iron plating process, to support automotive OEM’s requirements and it also meet the demands of ‘End of Life Vehicle’ directive



Zimex E 300 Fe

Specific alkaline brightener for automotive industry.Improve functional properties and provide an excellent bright appearance of zinc
deposit without burning at high current density.