Acid Zinc Plating


Acid Zinc Plating


Zinc plating is usually deposited onto ferrous substrates to provide effective, powerful and beautiful corrosion resistance coating that improve the appearance of finished products.

Acid Zinc Plating

Acid zinc plating provides corrosion resistance to automotive parts combined with a bright, attractive appearance. This technique provides very high energy savings and can plate products three to four times faster than alkaline zinc plating process. This increase in speed means plants can boost productivity by increasing the size and number of plating loads per hour.

Okuno-Auromexprovides a full range of acid zinc bath including ammonium-type, potassium-type and mixed-type. Our products presents it prominent property in high cloud point that can operate with at temperature up to 45 °C. While another ensures excellent brightness and high speed of plating deposits.


Plating Bath





ZNS 301

Full range brightener for both rack and barrel application. Produce fully bright and brilliant, and high ductility zinc deposition at high
cloud point operation.

Zinc E

Outstanding brightener for barrel application. Provide excellent brightness, high leveling and covering power.