Acid Activators


Acid Activators

Right surface preparation contributes to successful production

To meet the perfect surface preparation, Okuno-Auromex’s acid activators are “secondary” processes utilized after a primary cleaning operation.

They are intended to ensurethe total removal of thin oxide films or any remaining smut (oil, rust, scales etc.) from previous cleaning operations.

They provide superior surface cleanliness enhancing surface reactivity and promoting excellent adhesion of electroplated deposits.





Activex TS

Cast iron, Steel, Brass, Copper, Zinc, Die cast zinc, Nickel

A solid acid activator with multi-metal application. Has long bath life with a reasonable price and save more operating cost.

Activator 29


Highly acidic activator. Excellently activate aluminum’s surface before plating or chromating.

Activator MS

Brass, Non-ferrous metals

Highly acidic activator. Excellently remove oxides, silicated residues and lead on surface.

Pictex PTX 300S

Steel, Die cast zinc, Copper, Brass

High performance activator, containing biodegradable surfactant, which can effectively replace most of the commonly acids and other


Cast iron, Steel, Brass, Copper, Zinc, Die cast zinc, Nickel

A solid acid activator. Has excellent activating effects to various metals and provides safety operation without NOx generation.