Job Opportunities

Okuno-Auromex (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a total service provider in metal and non-metal finishing industry, ranging from a process design to complete innovative equipment for both plating lines and waste treatment systems. Moreover, the company also provides various quality improvers and stabilizers for processed food and total sanitation system with wide range services. Consistent customer training and consultation are the key to our success which is to “Ensure Total Solutions” for our customers and business partners.

Okuno-Auromex (Thailand)

392, Soi 4C, Moo 4, Sukhumvit Saikhao Road, Bangpoo Industrial Estate, Praksa Sub-district, Muang District, Samut Prakarn 10280

Position : 1 Position

Job responsibility

• Provide interpreting services for all Japanese expatriates, and other individuals for meetings, interviews, telephone calls, etc. including one to one and group settings.
• Translate orally or in writing all Japanese documents presented by Japanese expatriates, staff and other individuals.
• Conduct secretarial tasks (i.e. reserving airplane ticket, accommodation, etc) to all Japanese expatriates.
• Co-ordinate with all parties concerned to facilitate the tasks of renewing work permit, non-immigrant Thai visa and keep track on notification of expatriates’ 90-day stay in Thailand.
• Participate in executive meeting, workshops, program activities as requested by Japanese executives.
• Prepare written translations of technical materials, correspondence, and forms from Japanese to Thai/English when appropriate for use by the management team, OACL staff and other individuals.
• Review translated material for accuracy of meaning, grammar and syntax.
• Ensure the effective co-ordination (i.e. communicate with HR team to apply/renew work permit, visas, etc) between Japanese expatriates and local staff.
• Perform others related duties as assigned.


• Male/female aged between 22-32 years old. Fresh graduate is also welcome.
• Hold a bachelor’s degree in Japanese and pass at least the level 2 of Japanese language proficiency.
• At least 3 years of experience in manufacturing industry. Having an engineering or chemical background will be an advantage.
• Possess good interpersonal, organizational skill.
• Take perseverance in solving problems and be detail-oriented person.
• Be enthusiastic learner and flexible.
• Have a good command in Microsoft Office Program, email correspondence, etc.

Position : 1 Position

Responsibilities and Duties
1. Controlling and maintaining the quality of raw material, packaging, trading product, standard solution and local mixing products.
2. Monitoring the production Department’s performance with QC standards and procedures.
3. Investigate and resolve customer’s complaints & non conformance and setup corrective and preventive actions.
4. Plan schedule of testing and calibration program for instruments and equipment and analyzes test data.
5. Provide technical support / test report / customer request to assist other department.
6. In-charge of the 4M change. (product evaluation, trial bath, package changing, machine)
7. Responsible for Quality functions according to ISO 9001 quality system requirements, document control and record control.
8. Prepare monthly quality performance chart for management review.
9. Manage suppliers’ performance and conduct audits.
10. Performs others related duties as assigned.

• Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or related fields.
• At least 3 years up of experience in quality control area.
• Mature personality, hard working, discipline, reliable and good human relations.
• Good interpersonal and problem solving, quick to respond.
• Good command of English, good knowledge in using Microsoft Office programs.

Workplace: Bangpoo Industrial Estate – Samutprakarn

• Developing new product development plans of the projects under his/her responsibility.
• Performing new product development according to new product launching plan.
• Providing new product knowledge to Sales, Technical Service, and others.
• Attending necessary training classes according to the plan.
• Following the ISO quality system.
• Keeping the resources of the unit in good quality, and reporting to Research & Development Assistant Manager when finding problems.
• Coordinating with the laboratory by sending the product sample test in order to make sure that requirements are met.
• Taking immediate action once the problems or difficulties that might affect RD/TD performance occur.
• Reporting all parties concerned once the problems or complaints were found.
• Perform other related duties as assigned.

• Male/female, aged between 24-30 years old.
• Hold Master’s Degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or related fields.
• Have solid background in Electrochemistry will be preferable.
• Good command in English communication (speaking, writing, reading and listening skills). TOEIC score at least 650 will be an advantage.
• Experience working with diverse audiences.
• Possess good interpersonal, organizational skill.
• Take perseverance in solving problems and be detail-oriented person.
• Be enthusiastic learner and flexible.
• Have a good command in Microsoft Office Program, Outlook Email correspondence, etc.
• Be able to work at Bangpoo Industrial Estate.

Interested applicants are invited to applying in person or send application with full resume indicating qualifications and experiences, expected salary and recent photo to: hr@okuno-auromex.com

Alternatively, for more information please contact K.Sopit and K. Juthamart via 02-365-5956.