Vision & Mission

To be an excellent “total solution services provider” for the surface finishing industry in Thailand and ASEAN regions


  Strive to be the number one in surface-finishing industry in Thailand and ASEAN with the aim of providing comprehensive high-performance technology, supported by world-class applications expertise and services, as part of OACL strategic “Total Solution Initiative”


   Offer a comprehensive range of high-performance surface finishing technology and services, focused on automotive, electronics, aerospace, building, and PWB industries in Thailand and ASEAN region and expand industrial & geographic marketing as opportunities arise.

  Provide leading edge products at competitive Cost of Ownership with reliable delivery and post sales services.

  Focus on developing OACL proprietary technology that meets industry, markets and customers’ needs.

  Be perceived by suppliers as a reliable customer with good long-term partnership.

  Establish OACL total solutions as an industry brand, and attain recognition by customers as a ”knowledge-based company.”

  Be regarded in the industry as having one of the best work environments, in terms of employment, good career path opportunities, resulting in a low job turnover rate.