Plating Equipment



Plating equipment is an essential part of the plating production system. So, we carefully select all equipment from well-known and trusted manufacturers from all over the world.

Plating Equipment

Okuno-Auromex and our true partners provide high level consultancy on the design, specification and build of a wide range of surface finishing systems. One of the major areas where clients come to us for expert consultancy and guidance is the setup and running of plating equipment.

Plating equipment is an essential part of the plating production system. Over many decades of working in this specialist field, we have developed a wealth of expertise, knowledge and experience. We have also invested significantly both in facilities and technical resources as well as the training and development of our people.

This means we can provide insight and ideas, advice and detailed technical help to assist you in the creation of a reliable, high quality, high-yield and efficient plating system.

At Okuno-Auromex, all equipment is carefully selected from well-known and trusted manufacturers from all over the world – suppliers with a long and proven track record in the industry.

This includes equipment such as:

We are an official distributor of Mefiag disc filters from the Netherlands. Mefiag Filters & Pumps is a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of corrosion resistant filters and pumps used primarily in the plating and metal finishing industries.

The complete Mefiag’s line of filters – horizontal disc, cartridge, bag, carbon, pleated, and oil absorbing – are available in single chamber capacities ranging from 400 to 90,000 Liters per hour.

It designs and manufactures filter systems utilizing horizontal disc technology for superior performance in high efficiency and high-flow applications while significantly reducing filter media waste disposal costs when compared to cartridge-type filtration.

The key element to achieve the reduction in reject rates is high filtration surface area.

Online carbon treatment is also applicable.

We tailor these solutions to match your budget and specific requirement and we are happy to present you with a range of options to choose from.

Above all, we understand that what you are looking most is a plating system that delivers a reliable
product, achieves high performance and proves cost-effective in the long-term. Our highly experience team of engineers and mechanics will help you to achieve these aims by providing world-class consultancy, service and design.