Anodizing Process for

Wrought Aluminum

Process Product Name Feature
Cleaning Top Alclean 101 Less etching
Top Alclean 161 Low foamimg type
Air agitation is applicable
Etching Alsatin B Has strong dissolution accelerating
Effect: Give strong satin finish
Alsatin L Give fine silver white satin finish
Alsatin SK Has clinker preventing effect
Top Alsoft 108 Give mild etching surface
Dissolution amount of aluminum is very few
Alsatin M-05 Suitable for pure aluminum made cosmetic cap
Alsatin OL-8 Suitable for optical parts
Alsatin M-02 Fine finish is possible
Alsatin OL-25 Slight rough finish is possible
Alsatin PRE Suitable for etching before planing
Polishing Algloss S-200 Give excellent bright polished surface
Reduce nitric gas formation
Desmutting Top desmut N-20 Has strong smut remover effect to copper, zinc type group and contain small content of nitric
Anodizing Almist W Low foamimg type
Pre-treatment for dying TAC Sormal 121 Pre-treatment agent for dying to prevent defect at dying bath for aluminum dying
TAC Kabikoron Mold preventing agent for dying bath for aluminum dying
TAC Controller pH-5 pH buffer agent for dying bath for aluminum dying
TAC Anti-foam Defoaming agent for dying bath for aluminum dying
Dying TAC YELLOW-SLH (Yellow×4G)
TAC YELLOW-RHM (Yellow×201)
TAC Shutetsuan
TAC ORAGE-LH (Orange×301)
TAC ORAGE-CH (Orange×302)
TAC Red-GD (Red×101)
TAC Red-SCH (Red×106)
TAC Red-GLH (Red×102)
TAC Pink-BLH (Red×131)
TAC Pink-GLH (Red×139)
TAC Violet-SLH (Violet)
TAC BLUE-RCD (Blue×501)
TAC BLUE-SLH (Blue×503)
TAC BRONZE-GM (Bronze×8)
TAC BROWN-GR (Bronze×601)
TAC BLACK-GLH (Black×402)
TAC BLACK-GRLH (Black×420)
TAC BLACK-SLH (Black×415)
TAC BLACK-GBLH (Black×413)
TAC BLACK-NBLH (Black×421)
TAC BLACK-BLH (Black×411)
Top ADD-500 (Black×419)
Top Alcolored ED Additive for nickel type secondary electrolytic coloring
Okuno color W type (water soluble)
E type (oil soluble)
Top Resist 1000 Ink for etching having excellent acid resistance and alkaline resistance
Sealing Top Seal DX-200 Powder type
Top Seal DX-500 Powder type, Give smooth surface
Top Seal H-298 Liquid type
Top Seal H-379 Liquid type
Excellent preventing effect of stain spots at drying
Top Seal E-125 Prevent white powdery bloom and rocover the sealing solution
Top Seal L-100 Suitable for sealing of architectural materials and hard anodizing film
Top Seal E-110 Prevent formation of white powdery bloom and rainbow color surface
Suitable for auxillary sealing of Top Seal L-100
Top Seal Clean Remove white powdery bloom formed after sealing