14.05.2012 Top Rip EC

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Stripping agent is “The agent for removing unnecessary metal film only chemically without hurting the underlying metal”. The stripping process can be accomplished either by chemical immersion, usually in strong acid solution, and by electrolytic stripping. In chemical immersion, the work piece is immersed in a formulated solution to remove the coating and leave the base metal coating until the time as the metal coating is completely removed. In electrolytic stripping, which is much faster, the work piece serves as the anode in stripping solution. Basically, this method is applying just opposite principle of plating. Though the initial cost for installation (power source, electrolytic facility, heating devices and others) of electrolytic stripping process is rather high but the stripping solution can be used for considerably long period. Moreover, productivity of this process is high and it is an effective method in costs.
In applying of plating, plating metal will not deposit only on the articles, but also on the jigs. It is required to strip the deposited plating film on jigs, otherwise the application time of jigs is limited. Furthermore, the deposited plating film gives bad influence on the pre-treatment solutions and shortens their bath lives, and causes defect plating. Therefore, the step which removes the deposited film on jigs without attacking the jigs is required.

Top Rip EC is an electrolytic stripping agent for copper, nickel and chromium plating on stainless steel jigs which has many advantages such as
•Less erosion of stainless steel jigs
•Remarkable high stripping rate (Ni about 4 µm/min, Cu about 5 µm/min at 20A/dm2)
•Less change in bath and easy control
•Long life by filtration and replenishment
•Not contain the strong complexing agent

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