Top Soft Copper

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There are some copper plating processes which are now in the market practically, such as cyanide copper plating bath, copper pyrophosphate plating bath, acid copper plating bath and others. Among them, the plating bath which can provide copper plating film having good adhesion to iron and iron alloys, zinc alloys and magnesium alloys is only cyanide copper plating bath. However, the cyanide copper plating bath contains a large amount of toxic cyanide compounds in it and this matter have been giving serious problems to our human bodies and environment.

As the solution of this problem, we have developed the strike copper plating solution “Top Soft Copper” which does not contain any toxic cyanide compounds and provides excellent adhesion to iron, zinc alloys and magnesium alloys. In this paper, we wish to introduce the advantages of “Top Soft Copper”, especially its low substitution reactivity and excellent adhesion.

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