CRP Process

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Recently, the regulation about wastewater treatment of plating solution has been stricter. Especially the wastewater of nitrogen or phosphorous has been strengthened, and it has become difficult to use electroless nickel plating process that used to be applied in the conventional plating on plastic process. Therefore, “CRP Process” has been developed in order to solve these problems.
“CRP process” is a decorative plating process on ABS and PC/ABS plastics, which catalyzes the process with palladium-tin colloid. This process does not use electroless nickel plating solution but uses newly developed copper plating solution that can give conductive film instead. Unlike the electroless nickel solution, giving conductive solution does not contain formalin, which is cancer-causing material, and phosphorus, ammonium and strong chelating agent, which are classified in effluent regulation. Besides, plating solution does not decompose. We can use it semi-permanently by replenishment.
– Advantage of CRP Process
– Electroless plating is not required
– Easy wastewater treatment
– Reduction of defect ration (Blister, pitting, rough deposit, and others)
– Reduce about 30% of steps in the process
– Reduce facility cost

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