Okuno-Auromex (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (OACL) not only operates as a leading provider of high quality surface-finishing chemical products and plating equipment, it also provides a wide range of services for the industries consultancy on the design of plating processes, plating lines, equipment systems and wastewater treatment, knowledge transfers to customers on the operation and maintenance of their plating lines, the latest technology & industry updates.

OACL also provides consultancy to solve problems with plating quality, as well as strong after-sales services through our reliable laboratory operations. Offering a wide range of highly efficient services is regarded as a core element of OACL's operations under the motto "Ensure Total Solutions" in order to enable our customers to produce high quality products

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19 . 04 . 2013

Top Fine Chrome Series

Environmental Friendly Tri-valent Chromium Plating Process Since hexavalent chromium is considered harmful to human health and environmetal, Trivalent chromium is introduced for replacement. In the past, it
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12 . 07 . 2012


Blue Passivation for Pure Zinc Deposits Suitable for Automotive Parts Tri-bumex 111K is a single liquid concentrate which produces a blue chromium-like film on zinc layers that have been plated in acid or
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